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Our Awesome Tools.

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Geo-information systems are used to process and analyse spatial and non-spatial data. Online mapping libraries make this data come alive on a web page. The wide range of GIS tools that we use are mostly open source.

Data Journalism.

Computer-assisted reporting has been around for a while. Now we can use data to tell stories.

The Team.

this is Datacandy:

Ben Heubl

data journalist

Ben is a data journalist and digital technology innovation geek. Before going into data journalism he started a tech company several years ago. Data driven journalism gives him the chance to tell stories in a new and different, sometimes more effective manner. It allows him to add more context and meaning to topics such as tech innovation, helping people understand the background of which problems innovators try to solve and why. Ben tells the story of innovation in a new data-driven way, that allows others to see more clearly where the journey of new emerging industries go.

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